Respawn LAN are excited to announce a partnership for Respawn LAN v16 with Australian Cyber League (ACL) to cater for XBOX 360 gamers in a unique side-event!

Bringing you the best of both worlds, Respawn LAN and ACL will provide 150 spots in a dedicated venue adjacent to Union Hall for a 25-team Halo 3 tournament and a Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 tournament totalling $3500 in cash prizes up for grabs! Respawn LAN are happy to assist with this event making it the largest regular gaming event of this nature Melbourne has ever seen.

These spots are strictly limited to console play and are $50 entry. This will not give you a BYO PC spot at Respawn LAN however it will entitle you to enter and play for over $3500 in cash.

Pop on over to the ACL Melbourne website for information on registration, cost and what to bring. Registration is via their forums at the bottom of the page.