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Full Version: Respawn LAN v17 wrap-uo
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So.. v17 ended well.. and we think it was

The Best Respawn LAN Ever!

We'd like to thank our sponsors,Tt eSports, Fractal Designs, WildWire, The Hub, Atomic Magazine and our partners Gamestah for their generous support to make this happen.

Competition results are on the way... as are the photos!

A lot of us (over 30) are heading to Reloaded in SA for some awesomeness (and to pilfer their best ideas to make Respawn LAN even better) so stay tuned for updated coverage this weekend right here.
awesomeee biggrin.gif it was a great event and cant wait till it comes to melbourne again biggrin.gif
may I ask what lens that is... im guessing something $$
Lord Infamous
What made it the best?
Say, Zardoz, how are those photos coming along?
QUOTE (Lord Infamous @ Jul 14 2010, 09:33 PM) *
What made it the best?

vuvuzela and admins with NERF gun's!
Lol, the vuvuzela got lots of bad publicity after spain won that morning.. I think I saw it get taken away from someone because people were trying to sleep.. tongue.gif Really though, we shouldn't be sleeping at respawn, it's only a 29 hour event! :'(
Fotos are live kids
They are there, just not in an album
QUOTE (priorax @ Jul 18 2010, 08:53 PM) *
They are there, just not in an album

Yes they are.

Scroll to page 2 of the gallery list.
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