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Full Version: Funcomps are back WITH A VENGANCE!
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Meet the incomplete list of all the funcomps that we will be running at V21!

As usual with funcomps (in case you didn't know), they are short games/tournaments we run as often as possible!

Tetris DS
MarioKart DS
Streetfighter 4 3D
New Super Mario Brothers

Armagetron (Tron Light Cycle game)
TeeWorlds (A Free 2d retro multiplayer shooter)
Babo Violent 2 (Roll around as a ball and shoot people)
Altitude (simple 2d dog fight (planes) game, free 3 hour trial available)
Worms World Party

Trackmania Nations Forever (free racing game)

Pirates Vs Vikings Vs Knights (HL2 mod, first person *mainly* )
Golden Eye Source (HL2 mod)

Alien Vs Preditor 2 (FPS)
Quake 3 Team arena DM FFA (Fast paced FPS - WARNING very competitive)
Half Life 2 Deathmatch
Unreal Tournament 2004 CTF and Instagib
Unreal Tournament 99 Facing worlds CTF (With as many players as possible!)
Counter Strike Source: Gungame
COD 4 : Gungame

If you have any funcomp requests, please post them Here

We will also be running several AFK competitions!

Stay tuned for more info closer to the event.
Since someone will point it out eventually:
Aliens vs Predator 2, not Alien Vs Preditor 2
battlefield 2 mega server?
QUOTE (deano @ Jun 22 2011, 09:45 PM) *
battlefield 2 mega server?

Ooo that would be nice.
Can it be done? Please...
Definitely can do some BF2 utlra mega server.

How does a 255 player server sound? ;D
And Pokemon tournaments!

One for Gen 4 (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver).
One for Gen 5 (Black/White).

Levels will be capped at 70. No Legendaries/Ubers (ie. only one per game)

Get grinding biggrin.gif
Lord Infamous
QUOTE (SirSquidness @ Jun 24 2011, 12:32 PM) *
Definitely can do some BF2 utlra mega server.

How does a 255 player server sound? ;D

Can this be done with BC:2 or the original Battlefield?
I'm not sure about other editions, but the BF2 demo can be modified to take 255 players. We've done it before, I think we got ~50-60 people in?
With Mario DS do we want the "Simple mode" where only 1 in every 8 people needs an actual copy of the game or do we want to play the full blown version (you all need carts)?
Lord Infamous
You can't win in duplicate mode, you get the shittest carts
There was a fair few people in the bf2 server, myself included smile.gif
QUOTE (Lord Infamous @ Jun 25 2011, 07:47 PM) *
Can this be done with BC:2 or the original Battlefield?

BC2 doesn't have LAN support.

To answer your question, BC2 cannot support 256 players. The game supports up to 32, although most of the maps only play adequately with around 14 before becoming an unplayable mess.
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