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Full Version: v22 wrap-up
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Unfortunately we lost the original write-up. Whoops! Here's approximately what we would have posted had whatever it was that was supposed to work, work.

We gave away a boatload of prizes for this event. We're extremely greateful for the support we've had from our sponsors, Gigabyte, Tt eSports, Warcom, Billion, Mionix,

Gigabyte were present in full force with an overclocker pouring liquid nitrogen on a 2600K CPU. Some may remember there were a few issues at higher clocks - this same hardware was present at Atomic Con and did nearly 6GHz. I can't remember what the issue was but it was something very simple. We're thankful for the show that Carl put on for us and we hope to see him again!

We hosted the Gigabyte eSports championship for Starcraft II. This was a hit! We'd love to thank Immunity for coming aloing to our event and supporting us once again.

Let's see who won what!

Door Prizes
1x DOKKER Case - tylandir (the superman guy)
1x Challenger Keyboard - wolf3dd
2x ISURUS In-ear Headset dark schumy and greek_rambo
2x Gigabyte Z68-UD3
Myonix Naos 3200 - Faery
Fractal ARC - andew.

1 x Elated Gaming Keyboard, USB Black
1 x Scorpion 3200 DPI, 7D Gaming Mouse, Black
1 x Cobra White, 6D Gaming Mouse
50 x 5.25” Drive Bay Storage Drawer
20 x Thermaltake RX Ram water block
5 x 140mm FD Case Fan

UT2004 Instagib
1st 1 x Cobra White, 6D Gaming Mouse Ultimate

Chick Comp
1st - SteelSeries Sensei mouse - Niviath
2nd - Scorpion 3200 DPI, 7D Gaming Mouse, Black - Queenie Gainer

1st - Mionix Naos 3200 Ultimate Sacrifice
2nd - X-LUCA 6D Gaming Mouse Oodles

Daytona USA winners (thanks to missingo for bringing these PCs down from Sydney for us!). These guys won a Tt iBox:
Stormy Nitzzz
Original Patters

MS Paint Masterpieces. Lots of uhh.. interesting.. uhh.. and awesome designs.
1st Billion Router Wombat
2nd E-blue cobra Rokshocker
3rd e-blue scorpion iMODZ_Sniper
These prizes are thanks to Warcom.

StarCraft - Someone forgot to write down who won this thing. We know WHAT you guys won, though!
1st - Gigabyte Z68-UD3
2nd - ISURUS In-ear Headset

1st - 1x Gigabyte Z68-UD4 - Missingo
2nd - 1x ISURUS In-ear Headset

FlatOut 2
1st - Tt eSports Azurues Mouse - oohms
2nd - Tt eSports ISURUS In-ear Headset mclovin

Warcraft 3 Tower Defence:
1st - Elated Gaming Keyboard - Captain Awesome

1st place - $250 EatADick
2nd Place tt case drawers Team Trolls ‘n Rolls

Counter-Strike Source GunGame
Both of who took home a Tt eSports Azureus gaming mouse.

Nintendo DS Funcomp
$50 EB Games voucher from VU

Armagetron winners who took home some Fractal Designs Case fans

1st - SonsOfAnarchy - Tt eSports Azureus mouse
2nd - Robster’s Army - mousepad

Quake 3
Elated keyboard - Ultimate Sacrifice

Minecraft creative comp
1st place scorpion mouse - Shark
2nd Fractal Designs case fan and small Mionix mousepad - Drak
3rd small Mionix mousepad - Hulkula
Very concise wrap up. I like it
QUOTE (priorax @ Oct 13 2011, 04:11 PM) *
Very concise wrap up. I like it

it's more succinct than precise
QUOTE (OriginalPatters @ Oct 15 2011, 07:12 PM) *
it's more succinct than precise

I was going to say succinct, but I had no idea how to spell it and knew it would have been edited to be corrected. I just wanted to save the time.
priorax - thats one messed up image you got there. had me going for about half a minute smile.gif
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