Wait.. something went wrong here! It looks like we never posted the wrap-up from the last event! Perhaps we were too busy trying to make our next event even more awesome than the last.

Yep, we'll stick with that.

Thanks to our awesome sponsors - Tt eSports, Warcom, Intel, SteelSerles and Fractal Designs for their contributions in making Respawn possible. Also a hats off to those who helped us pack up the venue this time. We really, really hope that we see more of you at the end of the next event to help tidy up.

Into the prizes we gave away and who won them:

Nucleus: Tt eSports Challenger Keyboard

Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
Switchblade - Tt eSports Challenger
Oohms - Tt eSports Gaming Glove
shots shots shots - ThermalTake ibox

War3 TD
Jamie - Hat + ibox
EvilSeven Hat + ibox

UT 2004
EvilSeven - SteelSeries Sensei mouse


1st Mindfreak
2nd In The Zon
MVP: Fiend (Mindfreak)
Tt eSports Azureus mice

Iron Gut:

fluffy the sheep - SteelSeries Sensei Mouse

Door Prizes
Tobasco - Fractal Designs Core 3000 Fractal
Zupecki - Headset
React - SteelSeries Sensei mouse
Themike360 - TT Chaser MK1

Flatout 2
Nucleus - SteelSeries Sensei Mouse
Xargon - Tt eSports Challanger Keyboard
Paddo - Trophey

MSPaint competition
Wombat - 1st - Tt eSports Shock HD headset
zXw0lfXz - 2nd - Tt eSports shock headset

thirtysix - SteelSeries Sensei mouse

1st - Tommunist