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Full Version: StarCraft II information
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There's been some questions regarding StarCraft II that we'd address here for those concerned:

  • Competition starts at midday SHARP. You snooze, you lose.
  • Cash prizes thanks to us, other prizes thanks to Tt eSports
  • DOX is flying down to run the tournament for us. This is pretty special stuff.
  • If you're a die-hard Starcraft II player, there's a dedicated, reserved area for you guys to sit. You don't have to sit there but it's a good idea. Post in here if this applies to you. We will be opening this seating up to general admission after the competition is underway.
  • The competition registrations are on the day. We're saying 32 players maximum at this stage and preference is given to pre-paid players however if there is overwhelming demand, we will accomodate.
Is there any opportunity that people who arn't participating in the tournament to observe the games that people play? Like people observing the finals and or put it on the main screen with someone casting the games?
Would be awesome to able to watch finals of any game let a lone sc2, can this be done at all?
QUOTE ( @ Apr 27 2012, 06:06 AM) *
Would be awesome to able to watch finals of any game let a lone sc2, can this be done at all?

Depends what computer is being used for the projector.
All the games that are played in the major tournaments have, to my knowledge, some form of spectator mode. The catch is having someone who knows what they are looking at who is willing to follow the action on screen so you aren't just looking at the middle of the map
The finals will be streamed and casted off site.

Updated prizes:

1st place: Shock Spin HD headset ($79) + $200 cash
2nd place, Theron Gaming Mouse ($80) + 100 cash
3rd: $35 cash (Free weekend at respawn)
4th: White-Ra Mouse Pad ($26)

Swiss format, into top 8 finals. Starts 12pm Midday Saturday.

More info here:
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