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Hopefully we’ve all recovered gracefully on yet another Respawn LAN. We came, we suited and we played games till morning! Despite the slightly lower turnout, we had a great time.

It was really, really awesome to see such a wonderful effort from those suiting up! Perhaps this can be a regular thing.

This event would have not been possible (and we mean it - impossible to run) without the support of our sponsors and those who helped out (those gopher people we keep going on about). Thanks go to Tt eSports for the fine prizes and organising the Starcraft II tournament, Anyware Computer Accessories who distribute their top notch Fractal Designs cases, Plantronics headsets and Deepcool CPU coolers. Cheers to Team Immunity, Intel and SteelSeries for the demos, the competitions, the Intel 520 series SSD and the SteelSeries products that gave away.

Thanks to XS Energy for some of their energy drinks! The purple one tastes like liquid Nerds.

We love Valve Software! Why? Because they helped us out by setting up a Steam content mirror on-site! Cheers to Tricky for assisting with his hardware and testing everything out prior to and on the day, and thanks to OzFortress and GamersUnited for their assistance in making this happen. And Valve gave us one hundred and twenty Counter-Strike: Global Offensive keys to give away. If you don’t hear anything from us for a while, that’s because we’re getting a CS:GO fix on a server near you. We appreciate their commitment to the LAN gaming scene. Hell yeah! We’re sorry that we’ve run out of keys.

And let’s not forget our gophers. These are the hard working people who take time off to help us lay cables, set up tables, place cable ramps, test the network, tie player tags till 5am, drive around the universe picking up stuff, packing tables up, configuring servers, plugging stuff in, unplugging the stuff we plugged in. The ones who come to mind (and sorry if we’ve forgotten you) include tacticus (the van guy), Goose (the power guy), wolfmother (for the PA magic), oohms (COD4 stuff), priorax (for TF2), gyix, jutzy, soulink, Brad (that video guy); and of course, the number of other people who helped out with miscellaneous bits and pieces throughout the event- especially those who stayed back to help pack up the event without being asked. We love you guys!

Mad props to the admin team - Miranda for keeping the store running and doing all the things she does so well, R4N for looking after the competitions, MiniWalks for delivering the best power infrastructure a LAN could hope for and SirSquid for the constant refinement of the Internet access system developed on the day to enable StarCraft II to be successful.

We're looking at some very exciting stuff over the next few months which may see us running a few smaller events instead of one large one in July - but stay tuned. We can tell you with certainty that we will have a massive Respawn (expect 450 people packed in like sardines) on September 22nd-23rd.

CS: Source:
1st: Team Livid
Call of Duty 4:
1st: Empower Gaming
2nd: Organised Gaming (CS:GO Keys)
Team Fortress 2:
1st: Team Mediocrity (who were obviously very modest and took home $300 cash for their efforts).
GRiD: TT eSports Challenger keyboard soullink, 2nd: Deep cool Ice Warrior: nucleus
Warcraft III Tower Defence: Slov, _andrew_ Syllk (CS:GO Keys)
Unreal Tournament 2004:
1st: Nyarlathotep - Plantronics headset
2nd: Tt eSports Azureus mouse Ultimate Sacrifice
Ultimate Sacrifice - Steelseries Kana mouse
FlatOut 2:
1st: Nucleus - TT eSports Challenger keyboard
2nd: Dead_Man - Steelseries Kana mouse
Poker - Greendonkey
(just to be clear, Greendonkey won the poker, the winner of the poker didn’t win a green donkey although that would be hilarious).

Starcraft II
The Starcraft II tournament was run by Edd1e thanks to TT eSports and had a great response. We thank everyone for their patience while we worked on the Internet issues. This was a first for us.

1st: Tt.PiG - Tt Theron Mouse + $200 cash
2nd: RuineD - Tt eSports Shock HD headset + $100 cash
3rd: FaDeEdOne - $35 cash (thanks to edd1e!)
4th: TASlowHands Tt eSports White-Ra mouse pad (who said that it was the dogs bollocks!)

1st: Missingo - SteelSeries Kana
2nd: This_guy Last (who didn’t come last!): Trophy + drink

Suit Up!

Door Prizes:
We called the first two door prize names up the front to see who could inflate a Tt eSports inflatable hammer the quickest. The winner got to keep a Diablo III mouse.

The inflating-a-TT-eSports-branded-inflatable-hammer duel saw KillerDawN and DeathsEmbrace blow up an inflatable hammer as quickly as possible. KillerDawN took out his competition, DeathsEmbrace and won a Diablo III mouse.

Diamond - CPU cooler
Burkus - SteelSeries Sensei
Nyarlathotep who explained how to pronounce his name - Plantronics Headset
Mars - Fractal Define R3 PC case

Day 2:
Teh_Toxic_One - TT Mouse
LuckyStar was indeed lucky and won a Challenger keyboard
Gameman246 won a TT Mk 1 case
It is Greendonkey but not too fussed lol. GG guys
Great right up smile.gif
was one of the better respawns there has been!

See you all at LANs everywhere biggrin.gif if not the next respawn biggrin.gif
i was actually racing in the blur comp, but not under my regular nick "This guy". Was suprised as hell when another 'this guy' managed to come last...

that guy... smile.gif
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