Firstly, we'd like to take a chance to thank you for attending Respawn LAN 25. We've worked pretty hard at this one; our first big event since April and our last big one for the year. We hope you enjoyed it!

Respawn has evolved over the years into what it is today by the people who make our event, from those who organise sponsorship deals, book venues, set up tables, run power cables, help with network issues, those who tell you to get your sorry ass into the server before you are disqualified to those who attend the event and compete - that means you. Each and every one of us contributes to the atmosphere and the unique flavour that Respawn has. So it's sad when it comes time for someone who has really put in a solid effort over the past few years to throw in the towel.

At the conclusion of this event, power admin MiniWalks stood down from his role. His legacy brought forward some of the best power infrastructure I've ever personally seen at an event. Let's face it - if we can't run the power, we don't have an event and everyone will go home. It's been a significant milestone that has supported our largest events including this one. His legacy through the team he has built up will continue. If you see him in your travels, do thank him for the work he's done for us. He's busted his chops for years and is usually the first person at the hall on Friday morning to set up and kick things off so that most of the power and tables are down by the time I drag my sorry ass into the venue sometime in the afternoon.

We made a lot of big changes this event, including our foray into eSports and finally getting our hands on an Internet connection quick enough for our needs. Hats off to the venue staff for finally getting that sorted, we really appreciate it.

Thanks to all the sponsors who helped us out. We were very happy to bring you guys some real cash prizes, by popular demand, thanks to the guys at Team Immunity, Gigabyte, SteelSeries (CS:GO) andWestern Digital (Call of Duty 4). Tt eSports organised the Starcraft II this time and provided a bit of kit for the winners and Popcultcha had some awesome stuff they gave us to give away, including vouchers for the Team Fortress 2 winners. We are only able to provide these prizes because these guys are generous enough to make it happen for us.

Respawn is a constant work-in-progress; the ideas come from you, from us, from everyone. We're always a bit of a construction zone so we'd like to thank everyone for being patient.