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Full Version: Introducing OLDSCHOOL LAN!!
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A few years ago, we were talking amongst ourselves about how cool it would be if we could all play some of those old games again that we used to play when we started going to LAN parties at friends' places. We'd all decide that one day, we'll make and event out of it and that's that.

How cool would it be to have a QuakeWorld Duel? Or even a Quake III one? Or fire up Red alert on a LAN?

So we're finally doing this. For something a little different, we're putting together an event to re-visit the glory days of gaming. All your old favourites will be there (even if we've left them off the list) - the stuff when iD software was the biggest name in 3D gaming, when Command and Conquer was the go-to strategy game.

So here we go. Introducing... OLD SCHOOL LAN!

We're running this in the smaller venue (that's the smaller hall next to Union Hall) and since this is the first time we're doing this, we've got the player count to a very respectable 120. Trust us when we say that the atmosphere is amazing at these things - everyone gets to meet everyone.

So there's Quake, there's some DOOM. we're hoping to get Duke 3D running smoothly. There'll be some people with old PCs rocking up. Beige is back in! I might even bring my old P3 700...

Running on our usual best-in-Cisco powered network, all ports will support speeds from 10 to gigabit if you'd like to get creative.

Any ideas or games you'd like to play that aren't listed? Post a reply on the forums or on Facebook and we'll see what we can do.

Serious Sam TFE and TSE (non-HD) are great co-op games, supporting up to 16 people at once!.
The multiplayer is great too, it turns into an ultra-fast passed arena shooter with a high skill ceiling, somewhat like Quake.

I know I'll be playing it there.
We should play OpenRA! It's free red alert, c&c and dune 2000.
That Commander
QUOTE (Zardoz @ Feb 21 2014, 12:26 AM) *

That's why my dialup modem keeps disconnecting! mad.gif

I would love to play some dune
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