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Hey guys!

It's been a few weeks since our 32nd event, Candy LAN so we'd like to provide you with a brief rundown and re-cap from the last one and a glimpse into our future. In short: life is pretty sweet.

For Candy LAN, we turned our focus to our tournaments to look at better ways to spread the activities over a greater timespan. On the whole, this worked reasonably well but will still obviously require some tweaking to get things running a bit closer to the timetable. We introduced Hearthstone as a headline tournament which'll continue to be so and we'll be looking at dropping one major headliner before our next event to free up some resources.

NVIDIA and Gigabyte played a critical part in our event, providing prizes for our headlining Case Mod tournament taken out by a whisker after much discussion amongst our team by IMODTHINGS and very closely followed by the ROFL LAN team and Nuke with their vacuum cleaner system and the well-lit BitFenix Prodigy case which Zardoz seemed to go ape over. Yeah, that's me - I'm trying to write in the third person here. How am I doing? We cannibalised the two NVIDIA demo systems into one to give us a two-GPU setup to power eight LCD displays for an extreme surround gaming experience. We're hoping to do something like that again soon.

Other sponsors who supported our event include SteelSeries, Scorptec Computers, Corsair, Fractal Design, FUNC, Plantronics, TP-LINK and Anyware Computer Accessories. We'd like to thank them for their support - these guys make quality products that are worth checking out and we hope to have some more of their kit in the demo area for you guys to play with next time. Unfortunately the Corsair K70 RGB keyboard shipment was delayed but we'll get a review out to you guys once it arrives.

The Magic Draft looked fun! Khans of Tarkir is a killer set to draft - and a foil Sorin was pulled from that box - how's that for luck!

Hardware casualties include a six hour old Kogan 40" LCD TV which switched off at around the same time the smoke started to come out. Wish us luck with the RMA process...

We're just putting together the final pieces for the PC area at PAX Australia, where we are joined by PAX Enforcers and members from events Australia wide to run the PC freeplay, BYOC and tournament areas for PC, along with the rock-solid supporting network infrastructure we are known for. If you're going to PAX, please say hi!

What we're really trying to say here, is thanks to everyone who came. Without you guys, there wouldn't be us guys and we're ever so thankful to be able to share our passion for computer gaming, hardware and common interests with all of you.

The next event is coming up in March next year so we've got a bit of a break to work on a few behind-the-scenes projects which'll make Respawn far better next year.
QUOTE (Zardoz @ Oct 28 2014, 08:03 PM) *
The next event is coming up in March next year so we've got a bit of a break to work on a few behind-the-scenes projects which'll make Respawn far better next year. Christmas holiday LAN?
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