Please note that the Confirmations and Waiting list protocols will be in effect for the upcoming event. This is due to the amount of players wishing to attend this event.
The summary of this is as follows:
  • Pre-Paid Users will be able to check-in and set up at any time.
  • Those who have confirmed and are not on the waiting list can check-in anytime, although your spot will be held until 1pm ONLY. After this point those on the waiting list may take your seat.
  • Anyone on the waiting list will be required to wait until 1 PM before checking in. They will be forced to wait until that time before checking-in and setting up their machine.
We recommend you pre-pay your seat now to avoid disappointment, or confirm your registration ASAP if you haven't already (four spots still remain at the time of posting!). If you know you are on the waiting list, please wait until 1pm to arrive at the hall, to avoid disappointment.

The full explanation is available at