Respawn LAN, Melbourne's premier LAN gaming event
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Respawn LAN Discord and IRC servers
The IRC channel is largely deprecated. Most people have moved on to the bigger and better Discord, which is more well-suited for gaming organisations such as our own. To join our Discord server, simply Click this clicky-clicky thing and you'll be on your way to glorious text, voice and video chat with our community. If you're still keen to dust off the cobwebs of nostaligic chat applications, you can still chat with (some of) the Respawn regulars on IRC! You can get to the channel on server on channel #respawn. If you don't have an IRC client, mIRC and X-Chat are good choices.

Some rules before you come in:

  • Refrain from excessive use of scripts, colours, text decorations and caps.
  • Don't flood/spam the channel.
  • Refrain from making personal attacks inside the channel.
  • No illegal content (warez, etc)

If you do get banned, please make any enquiries with the operator that banned you or alternatively, email us. Bans usually last for three hours.